he company possesses computer-controlled wholly automatic high speed plastic color press, dry compound machine, slitter machine,bag production line and a complete set of quality inspection equipment to produce plastic packing bags, three-side sealing bags, middle sealing bags, standing pouches, square-bottombags, zippered bags, freezer bags,high temperature retortable pouches, composite food bags, aluminum foil bags

  • What is your current stock productions time & also customized hair systems?

    For full machine made hair weft is 4-6 weeks, lady wigs & men hair unit is about 8-10 weeks.

    Custom order is  10-12 weeks 

  • What is your current capacity for men’s partial hair systems for stock order per

    Our current production capacity is approximately 5000 stock systems per month, we are increasing stock storage as our business scale has increased every month. We are super confident we can be the biggest direct hair factory supply center all over the world

  • What do you feel about your factory’s speciality?

    For over 20 years we have specialized in high volume production of mens stock hair systems and ladies wigsextensions ect.

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