he company possesses computer-controlled wholly automatic high speed plastic color press, dry compound machine, slitter machine,bag production line and a complete set of quality inspection equipment to produce plastic packing bags, three-side sealing bags, middle sealing bags, standing pouches, square-bottombags, zippered bags, freezer bags,high temperature retortable pouches, composite food bags, aluminum foil bags

  • what hair type you normally use

    we supply many brands with human hair men’s systems and have done this for almost 30 years

    Depending on clients requirements, we use Indian Remy, Chinese Remy, Russian Remy, we also can use factory produced Remy

  • What payment term you use?

    Paypal, west union, alibaba, & bank transfer

  • what kind of warranty can you give us on the products we purchase from you?

    with any human hair products It is always important to understand the  warranty situation, for us as a manufacturer, we make many checks during the entire process to ensure that the systems are only dispatched to you if they pass our quality control (QC).

    our warranty terms are:

    Any quality issue or fault in the workmanship will appear in the 1st 2ndweeks, after this period it is highly likely to be an issue with the way it is worn or maintained.

    Please be assured, we will always have a system back for inspection and give you  an honest assessment and try to offer you some solution options.

  • how many workers you have currently at your factory

    We have 2 modern factory facilities on the outskirts of Qingdao and we have secured a big experienced skilled team of more than 70 experienced and skillful staff.

  • Is the hair type is 100% Indian non-remy?

    Yes, for stock systems, we use standard Indian non-remy hair.

  • Is the density throughout all sections 120% or is the density graduating?

    For our stock systems, we slightly reduce the density around the crown area to keep it looking natural

    For custom orders we will make to your specification.

  • What is your top selling hair products for hair systems?

    Normally woman full lace wigslace front wigsextension  &  men hair replacement like swiss lacethin skin base and mono base 

  • What is your current capacity for men’s hair systems for custom order per month?

    We initially prioritized stock systems to help with the demands, now we have capacity to produce 1500 custom orders per month. 

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